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Bakesta King plays Risa with zombie-like flatness - the role might have benefited from a bit more edge - but Tyrone Wilson's Hambone is perfectly drawn.
"It's the greatest form of feedback to know they think we're so good that they've nominated us for a top award," said Hambone owner Martin Ainsworth.
This strange tale of survival was nominated for December's Hambone Award by Veterinary Pet Insurance, named for a dog that was stuck in a refrigerator and wolfed down an entire ham while trapped inside.
In summer, when we dug potatoes and the green beans were coming on strong, we would always have a huge pot of new potatoes and green beans on the stove with a fat hambone and a ladle in it.
Using a background of a guitar and everyday musical, rhythm, and percussion devices, such as whistling, blowing air across the mouth of a 1-gallon glass jug, scraping of a scrub brush on a metal washboard, humming harmonically into a kazoo, and the "hambone" (a rhythmic slapping of hands on arms, hands, and legs), the voices and lyrics convey a musical story to the audience.
Gizzard and Hambone. Adapting the song "All I want is Lady Luck" to "All I want's to get you up," the Safety Girls underscore the novel's association of elevation with desire (150).
The Lord is a redbug is a tiny filter and is trying to be all rust-colored and funny and tap tap and hambone. The baby says he is not even trying to come out.
In Two Trains, Hambone, denied what he believes was the just compensation for painting a fence, dies without his ham because he would not take it.
A WARNING to dog owners: recently we purchased a Parma hambone, which is classed as a pet treat, for our 11-year-old mongrel from a store in Birkenhead.
What device was once known as a hambone in Royal Navy parlance?
The most unusual break from tradition is the use of pig's feet instead of a hambone.
Hand jive and hambone, games enjoyed by African American children, employ rhythmic chants, claps, and body-slapping motions with the hand from thigh to shoulder.