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H:QHamstrings and Quadriceps (isokinetic strength ratio)
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Coactivation of the hamstrings and quadriceps is important in protecting the knee against dynamic lower extremity valgus, anterior tibial translation, and tibial abduction.
The relationship of hamstrings and quadriceps strength to anterior cruciate ligament injury in female athletes.
Therefore, the aim of the present work was to investigate whether or not a single bout of unilateral electrical stimulations of hamstrings and quadriceps muscles provokes an increase in markers suggesting muscle damage and to compare the quadriceps and hamstrings muscles regarding the damage symptoms resulting from the NMES session.
The hamstrings and quadriceps isometric muscle strength of all the patients was measured and their ages were recorded.
You will likely be advised to stretch in the six directions of trunk motion, plus hips, hamstrings and quadriceps.
Mean value ([+ or -]SD) of the variables obtained during isometric and isokinetic tests of hamstrings and quadriceps for the upper-(HTG) and lower-third (LTG) values groups.
There are multiple alignment problems that can contribute to this including rotation of your femur, genu valgus or knock-knees, leg length discrepancy (either functional, when running on the same side of a cambered surface, or actual), excessive curvature of your back (lordosis), hip flexor tightness, hamstrings tightness, weak quadriceps, imbalance between hamstrings and quadriceps, or other biomechanical problems.
Wall sits" offer no real benefit simply because they do not involve the gluteals, hamstrings and quadriceps as a functional unit.
But working opposing muscles, such as hamstrings and quadriceps, yoga teaches physical balance and develops better muscular symmetry.