HAMUNHouston Area Model United Nations
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Rousseau (1998:59) explains as follows: "[...] during the harvest, if a container was full (penu) of rice, one had to say it was hamun. It could be risky to mention that some valuable was plentiful, because this would draw the spirit's attention to the fact and they might bring misfortune.
Zabol development faced some problems such as threatening by Hamun Lake and Sistan River overflow, ruined buildings, agricultural lands located in east, south and west parts of the city preventing development of the city and other regional and environmental problems.
The incident occurred in the Hamun Sabri River in Farah province, as oil fuel was smuggled on ferries from neighbouring Iran, said Deputy Governor Younus Rasuli.
Below: nomadic fishermen's huts constructed from reeds, near the Hamun Hemand marshes, Sistan, on the border between Iran and Afghanistan, c.