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HTHome Theater
HTHigh Tech
HTHigh Temperature
HTHypertension (high blood pressure)
HTHeat (real estate)
HTHeat Transfer
HTHaiti (ISO country code, top level domain)
HTHeights (street type)
HTHeat Treatment
HTHot Tub
HTHydroxytryptamine (serotonin)
HTHeat Treated
HTHyper-Threading Technology (Intel)
HTHormone Therapy
HTHot Topic (clothing retailer)
HTHuman Trafficking
HTHigh Tension (as in electric power transmission)
HTHigh-Technology (1980s Cadillac engines)
HTHigh Tensile
HTHors Taxes (French: Excluding Taxes)
HTHrvatski Telekom (Croatian Telecom)
HTHi There
HTHybrid Tea (type of rose)
HTHeight of Target
HTHolding Tank
HTHardtail (bike suspension)
HTHeavy Trucks
HTHome Teacher
HTHetian (China)
HTHolding Time
HTHigh Threshold
HTHarris Teeter (grocery store)
HTHough Transform
HTHotan (China)
HTHuman Torch (comic)
HTHome Teaching (LDS church)
HTHorizontal Tab
HTHilly Terrain
HTHappy Thanksgiving
HTHead Tilt (stretching exercise)
HTHat Tip
HTHyper-Transport (AMD)
HTHostile Takeover (gaming)
HTHighland Terrace (Elementary School; Shoreline School District)
HTHeat Therapy
HTHand Tucked (wire rope splice)
HTHoliday Truths (UK)
HTHot Truck (Cornell University)
HTHighway Transport (trucking company)
HTHybrid Theory (Linkin Park album)
HTHigh Templar (Starcraft unit)
HTHistology Technician
HTHammer Throw
HTHelicopter Training Squadron
HTHolland Tunnel (Jersey City / Lower Manhattan)
HTHosting Talk
HTHostile Territory
HTHarriet Tubman
HTHeavy Timber
HTHuman Transporter (Segway LLC)
HTHorse Transport (WW I)
HTHydrothermally Treated
HTHeads-Tails (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
HTHizb al-Tahrir (Islamist political party)
HTHired Transport
HTHanshin Tigers (Japanese professional baseball team)
HTHandheld Transceiver (walkie-talkie)
HTHashimoto Thyroiditis
HTHerding Tested
HTHand Timed (track and field)
HTHague Tribunal
HTHandi-Talkie (two way radio)
HTHarmonic Tuned
HTHand Talk (Radio)
HTHalo Trust
HTHide Turtle (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
HTHyperion Telecommunications, Inc.
HTHarm Touch (gaming)
HTHighty-Tighty (Regimental Band of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets)
HTHamilton Tigercats
HTHoc Tempore (Latin: At This Time)
HTHeavy Terminal
HTTritiated Hydrogen Gas
HTHumanoid Typhoon (Anime title Trigun)
HTHypothermally Treated (EPA)
HTHirohiigo Togashi (gaming)
HTHordes of the Things (TV show)
HTTransmitter Height
HTHalt Typing (terminal command)
HTHybrid Trunk
HTHalotracks (Halo gaming clan)
HTHindutsan Times
HTHardtastic (gaming clan)
HTHigh Tension Tank (electron microscopy)
HTHovedstadens Trafikselskab (Danish for the Capital's Traffic Organisation (Bus System))
HTHypotropia At Distance (ophthalmology)
HTHypertropia at Distance (ophthalmology; opposite of hypotropia)
HT(USN Rating) Hull Maintenance Technician
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References in classic literature ?
The little body lay upon one side, with one soiled cheek upon one soiled hand, the other hand tucked away among the rags to make it warm, the other cheek washed clean and white at last, as for a kiss from one of God's great angels.
One of them, a man, is pushing a shopping trolley through the door with confidence; the other has her hand tucked through the crook of his elbow.
When the team arrives at the scene, they find his body posed - sitting upright on a bench with his hand tucked inside his jacket.
When the landlord opened the door to the tenant's apartment, the 31-year-old man was standing with a knife in one hand with the other hand tucked behind his back, police said. 
They're on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary, like noticing that the person who just walked into the restaurant on a cool day is sweating profusely, is glancing over his shoulder, appears fidgety and has a hand tucked under his shirt near the front waistband of his pants (a favorite hiding spot for concealed weapons).
The portrait of Mr Sikes, who died in 1798, shows him in a turquoise jacket with a lace ruff, his left hand tucked into his ornate waistcoat and his hat under his arm.
Biel, who was earlier seen with an apparent wedding band on a movie set, kept her left hand tucked in her pocket.
And with its new luxury M model range Japanese car maker Infiniti has a veritable winning hand tucked out of sight.
In the Ripley Cemetery, a 22-foot marble statue of Falkner depicts the colonel in a frock coat and vest, with his left hand tucked into his pocket and his right hand--missing parts of three fingers--extended forward.
Swinging a 5-iron with one hand and the other hand tucked inside his belt, he shot closing rounds of 123 and 114, among the highest scores recorded on tour.
After checking the space where the bed abutted the wall, she reclined upon my cot, hand tucked behind nape (my little odalisque!), white tuft glistening under her arm.