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Within the first five days, the hand-held radar registered 1,586 fines, out of which 901 were for regular light vehicles.
Engineers at the Pacific Northwest National Lab in Richland, Washington designed rice-sized bar codes that could be glued to a bee's back, allowing the insects to be tracked by hand-held radar guns.
Another device, also to be glued on bees, may allow researchers to track the insects with hand-held radar guns, says Montana's Jerry J.
Radar: Strict rules According to Brigadier Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, director of the Traffic Department of Dubai Police, the new hand-held radar 'gun' will be used on Dubai roads this month.
Susannah Hutchison, prosecuting, said the brothers were caught by a hand-held radar device at about 8pm.
ATHE 100-metre rule applies both to camera vans and hand-held radar guns, and the van should be clearly marked and visible from the required distance.
Neston Community Action Team officers want to enlarge their band of helpers who are trained to use hand-held radar guns to monitor drivers on roads near their homes.
Every one of the country's 430 hand-held radar guns and fixed cameras must now be reset before the introduction of kilometre speed limits on January 20.
Whatever your view, the performance was excellent, lighting up at the merest hint of a laser beam and easily sniffing out the hand-held radar.
Officers will use hand-held radar technology to snare offenders as well as laser speed guns Patrol cars will travel along the routes using their onboard computers to calculate if anyone nearby is breaking the limit.