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HHTIHand-Held Thermal Imager (heat-vision artillery sight)
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One order is for the Sophie hand-held thermal imager for use in a wide range of surveillance applications.
Two years ago the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department bought a hand-held thermal imager, and the enforcers also contract with the National Guard for thermal imaging from the air.
Raytheon has also developed a hand-held thermal imager, the Mag 2400, intended to observe targets at long ranges; it has been procured by the Danish Army.
She was alleged to have accepted the money in exchange for persuading former defence minister George Fernandes to award the contract of hand-held thermal imagers to a company named West End International.
This will involve networking of equipments like High Resolution Cameras, Radars, Unattended Ground Sensors, Optical Fibres, Infra Red Sensors, Aerostats, Hand-held Thermal Imagers etc.
The hand-held thermal imagers installed to assist the force have ironically nailed some officials who were helping groups of people involved in illegal trade and migration at a border outpost on India-Bangladesh border.