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HAVSHand-Arm Vibration Syndrome
HAVSHillingdon Association of Voluntary Services (Yiewsley, England, UK)
HAVSHarrow Association of Voluntary Services (Harrow, England, UK)
HAVSHigh-Affinity Vanadate-Sensitive (biochemistry)
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As a result, thousands of workers continue to develop hand-arm vibration syndrome every year.
A defendant may also try to shift the fault to the worker by producing research showing that cigarette smoking contributes to the severity of hand-arm vibration syndrome. Remind jurors that the vibration the machine produced, not smoking, caused the disease.
"The adverse effects of exposure to excessive grinding-induced vibration in the foundry have been identified as vibration white finger, hand-arm vibration syndrome and, perhaps, carpal tunnel syndrome," said Robert Beebe, Acme Abrasive Co., Warren, Michigan, in his presentation on decreasing vibration problems arising from the use of abrasive wheels.
The hand-arm vibration syndrome affects workers who perform tasks that generate vibration.
These compel companies to identify staff at risk of developing hand-arm vibration syndrome and take measures to eliminate or reduce the danger of them doing so.
The questions on numbness/tingling and white fingers from cold were asked so that respondents could be categorized based on stage of severity known as the "Stockholm Scale" for hand-arm vibration syndrome. (35)
Vibration-induced injuries have been called secondary Raynaud's phenomenon, in addition to white finger, dead hand, aid hand-arm vibration syndrome. While the names may vary, the symptoms are consistent and debilitating.