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HKEYHandle to registry Key
HKEYTop of Hive In Microsoft Registry
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Valves equipped with the 'AT-key lock' design are operated using the built-in T handle key which can be retracted a little way out of the valve head unit.
I will handle key accounts for inbound and outbound business and promote Rezidor's various brands, alongside other activities including organising fam trips and coordination of road shows and events etc.
James Ramsbotham, chief executive of the North East Chamber of Commerce, said: "We are delighted that the Government has listened to the overwhelming consensus that it was vital for the North East to have a strategic body to handle key priority areas alongside the Local Enterprise Partnerships.
Leeds City College has selected Caltech, a leading supplier of customer relationship management systems to install its Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to handle key processes at the college and help it develop further links with its many business customers.
To manage an increasingly high volume of cases, law firms and corporations are forming specialized project teams to handle key aspects of trial preparation and discovery.
We wouldn't have faced problems having a replacement for Mr Naf or other key officials, if Bahrainis were trained and educated by the company to handle key posts.
Hammouda's 15 years of experience in New York allotted her the opportunity to handle key accounts ranging from FMCG to IT and telecom.
Don't under staff either, you'll pay for it later, internally you must be able to handle key disciplines including cash management, construction/approval supervision, and marketing supervision.
As a consultant, I have recently found several real estate managers who express a lack of confidence in their maintenance staff, landscaping crew, painters and other construction workers to handle key issues in their areas.
How to handle key employees who are disruptive to the organization--employees who do their duties very well but make other members of the company uncomfortable working with them.
Over seventy special articles handle key topics ranging from secularism and materialism issues to beliefs in witchcraft and Biblical interpretations of demons.