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(2008), 12% of teachers reported that they do not feel prepared to teach handwriting, yet handwriting experts stress the importance of teaching both print and cursive in order to build the foundational skills that students use to communicate fluently and swiftly ("Handwriting Without Tears," 2013).
Check out "Handwriting Without Tears" for yourself!
Finally, gathering data on the generalization of skills with the handwriting without Tears program would appear to be a next logical step.
For more information about the Handwriting Without Tears program, visit: www.hwtears.com/.
Peggy Morris of Shrewsbury, an occupational therapist and certified national instructor for Handwriting Without Tears, said the program was created by an occupational therapist who broke down the task components of handwriting, beginning with printing and moving up to cursive, and developed multisensory activities such as songs and games to make learning those components fun and concrete.
Representatives from Handwriting Without Tears point out that students who write in cursive on their SATs and other standardized tests tend to get higher scores.
After the inauguration, as part of the nationwide program "Handwriting Without Tears," more than 400 students in kindergarten though Grade 4 at the school wrote "Mail to the Chief" letters to President Obama, said Kathy Regele, occupational therapist.
She also works as a trainer for Handwriting Without Tears, a developmentally based handwriting curriculum that is taught in elementary and high schools across the country.
Handwriting Without Tears to brush up on their pen strokes.