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HHHalf-Half (scheduling scheme)
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HHHardcore Hell (pro wrestling)
HHHypothalamic Hypogonadism
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HHHatboro Horsham (Senior High School, Horsham, PA)
HHHalf Hard
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HHHoward Hewett (musician)
HHHorizontal Hostility (workplace behavior)
HHHeads-Heads (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
HHHentai Heaven (anime)
HHHer Holiness
HHHorizontal Transmit, Horizontal Receive (polarization)
HHHamerschlag Hall (Carnegie Mellon University)
HHHershey Highway (Route 322, Dauphin County, PA)
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HHHollywood Hijinx (Commodore 64 game)
HHHinging Hyperplanes
HHHorizontal, Horizontal Polarization
HHHigginson Hall (WWU)
HHHanger Height (flange)
HHHyperbolic Horn
HHHeat Homing
HHHEED (Health, Education and Economic Development) Handicraft (Bangladesh)
References in classic literature ?
Before Thackeray went to Charterhouse his mother and stepfather had come home to England and made a home for the little boy where he spent happy holidays. Thackeray was not very diligent, but in his last term at school he writes to his mother, "I really think I am becoming terribly industrious, though I can't get Dr.
If I introduced chemistry in general into the conversation he begged me not to spoil his happy holiday hours with his daughter and me, by leading him back to his work-a-day thoughts.
Former President Barack Obama (http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/politics/2017/november/the-big-difference-between-trump-and-obamas-holiday-cards-its-all-about-christmas) previously nixed the phrase "Merry Christmas" and substituted it for "Happy Holiday," which was the more inclusive option that accommodated all. 
Still, as so often with Trump, what matters is not the performance but the rhetoric; and by coming out so strongly against "Happy Holidays," he was signaling his support for a certain vision of America.
On clicking the image, users are taken to a Google search page, with shows results for term 'Happy Holidays'.
They said settlers sprayed derogatory graffiti insulting Jesus, in addition to "price tag" and "happy holidays" at the wall of the monastery and punctured the tires of three cars parked there.
* UPS, FedEx expect happy holidays. As is the case every December, transportation and logistics bellwethers FedEx and UPS expect robust holiday volumes, with December 10 and December 20 pegged as the two busiest volume days of the year.
“Have a safe and happy holidays from our family to yours!”
Sfeir wished all his visitors and the Lebanese happy holidays, and hoped that the New Year will bring forth solutions to the pending issues which have been delaying the much needed stability in the country.
I'm just a guy who's sick of people saying, "Happy Holidays!"
"On behalf of Amazon.com employees around the world, we wish everyone happy holidays and happy reading!"On Amazon s peak day, Dec.
I must admit that the expression "Happy Holidays" once struck me as vapid and meaningless - essentially the December version of the all-time vapid and meaningless phrase of modern times, "Have a nice day." But all this "war on Christmas" hysteria in recent years has led me to a new and heartfelt appreciation for the expression, for I see that it embodies both a fundamental American value and, strange as it may sound, one of Christmas' core religious ideals.