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And I you a happy New Year," responded the Second Blighted Being, with the accent of a penitent accordeon.
My Lords, the business of the Council being concluded, I have only to wish you a happy New Year.
A Happy New Year to you all, my dearest family, which of course includes Mr.
I had a very happy New Year, after all, and when I thought it over in my room, I felt as if I was getting on a little in spite of my many failures, for I'm cheerful all the time now, work with a will, and take more interest in other people than I used to, which is satisfactory.
Naturally, the merry Christmas bringing the happy New Year, when fellow-citizens expect to be paid for the trouble and goods they have smilingly bestowed on their neighbors, had so tightened the pressure of sordid cares on Lydgate's mind that it was hardly possible for him to think unbrokenly of any other subject, even the most habitual and soliciting.
As soon as he had repeated the tune and lowered his fiddle, he bowed again to the Squire and the rector, and said, "I hope I see your honour and your reverence well, and wishing you health and long life and a happy New Year.
Washington [USA], Jan 1 ( ANI ): United States President Donald Trump wished his countrymen a happy new year, and extended wishes to not just his supporters, but also his "enemies".
Weeks before the New Year, the social media sites get filled with images wishing advanced happy New Year.
TRAI needs to state whether Reliance Jio informed the regulator that offer B (also known as Happy New Year Offer) is distinct from offer A (Welcome Offer) and were filed with TRAI as per provisions.
Happy New Year is a heist thriller with a lot of naach gaana.
Pte Gary O'Connor, Athlone I'd like to wish my parents, extended family, my fiancee Joanne Mullally and my two kids Sarah and Chanelle a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Indeed, SRK's Happy New Year pretends to be a heist thriller but ends up a razzmatazz mainly about dance, with a coat of plastic patriotism thrown in.