HAQHealth Assessment Questionnaire
HAQHigh Accuracy Quartz (watch)
HAQHarvard Asia Quarterly
HAQHardware Association of Queensland (East Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
HAQHealth Activity Questionnaire
HAQHabitual Activity Questionnaire (health assessment)
HAQHip Acceleration Quotient
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Two men were later cleared of murder, but the court heard details of how Mr Ul Haq had secretly married a second wife.
Greater Sudbury has many experts at the Northeastern Cancer Centre and Laurentian Hospital and more will be expected when the Northern Ontario Medical School opens its doors, Haq says.
Prosecutor Mark Evans QC said Haq and Skitt, 30, kept the two women in conditions like 'mediaeval slavery.
But at Newport Crown Court yesterday, corner shop owner Haq was convicted of two charges of causing actual bodily harm and another of inflicting grievous bodily harm.
Su declaracion fue de profeta y Haq lo comprobo en carne propia: el 26 de octubre Estados Unidos tardo en "moverse" para rescatado y fue ejecurado por los talibanes.
Segun fuentes de los servicios de inteligencia, Haq estaba en medio de una mision, que contaba con el apoyo de Pakistan y Estados Unidos y pretendia provocar una sublevacion contra los talibanes.
Haq was arrested with seven of his followers in Azra and has since been transferred to Pol-e-Alam, capital of Logar Province, some 100 kilometers from Azra, AIP said.
Taliban forces hanged Haq on Friday within hours of capturing him, ending what was widely seen as a maverick mission by the former Afghan guerrilla leader into the heart of Taliban-held central Afghanistan.
It came despite Haq's call for help having been passed to the US Central Command - where a phone call on Thursday afternoon came from Robert McFarlane, national security adviser for President Ronald Reagan and a longtime supporter of Haq.
Recognizing that development planners can only work with data they have, Haq, in the late 1980s, began to push for a new report that would provide more people-centered information for each country.
Haq is to be complimented for concluding with a statement of the "methodological indifference" of his edition toward his own criticisms of Kraus.