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HARHighway Advisory Radio
HARHouston Association of Realtors
HARHumanitarian Action Report (UNICEF)
HarHaryana (India)
HARHawaii Administrative Rules
HARHit and Run
HARHarmonization (certification mark for low voltage energy cables)
HARHigh Aspect Ratio
HARHuman Accelerated Region (gene)
HARHope After Rape
HARHigh Altitude Redesign (FAA)
HARHazard Analysis Report
HARHelicopter Aerial Refueling
HARHeight Above Runway
HARHST Anomaly Report
HARHorse of the Americas Registry
HARHelp Age/Rwanda
HARHerpetological Association of Rhodesia
HARHelicopter Assault Regiment
HARHydrologic Assessment Report
HARHighway Accident Report (various locations)
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Then he flattered himself that he looked like a true Briton, but the first time he had the mud cleaned off his shoes, the little bootblack knew that an American stood in them, and said, with a grin, "There yer har, sir.
Laws, it's my har grease;--I put it thar to have it handy.
To pull her needle she kept the little finger apart from the others; it seemed a waste of power to see her sewing--eter nally sewing--with that industrious and precise movement of her arm, going on eternally upon all the oceans, under all the skies, in innumerable har bours.
HAR is leveraging technology from leading logistic company INRIX to offer this new service.
konsulent team pEN Tricolor har de udviklet, hvad de mener er en verden
The BJP was forced to give up the ' Har Har Modi' chant after Dwarka Peeth Shankaracharya Swaroopanand Saraswati, who is said to be close to the Congress, objected on the ground that ' Har Har Mahadev' was a mantra chanted in Lord Shiva's honour.
Nordmenn har en progressiv holdning til elbiler - de er i forkant nENr det gjelder elektrisk mobilitet.
Some 930 new housing apartments will be built in the illegal settlement of Har Homa, located between East Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.
A quiet suburb, with steep, winding roads, Har Homa's white stone buildings command a spectacular view of the nearby town of Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.
Har Mar, who will be playing solo at the Empire, was last in the area four years ago promoting his last album The Handler.
As plain old Sean Tillmann, he'd struggle but as Har Mar Superstar the pouting star of Starsky and Hutch can do no wrong.
The unlikely pairing have become friends after Har Mar, real name Sean Tillmann, danced with her at an aftershow party for Kings of Leon in London last year.