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Thus, even if a firm had only DB plans before a hard freeze, its postfreeze pension assets, liabilities, and outlays would include the old DB and the new DC plans.
If you live in a freeze zone, you'll have to blow out the system before the first hard freeze.
So things weren't too bad--until a hard freeze hit during the night.
It wasn't until a hard freeze in January knocked out water service for area residents and business for a week that the city decided to ask for funding that had been authorized three years ago.
A good, hard freeze overnight and the yard would be like a skating rink for us kids the next morning.
The roses revive again in September and remain "really pretty until the first hard freeze," Patricia says.
and after a hard freeze, they may need the food to survive.
those with 10,000 or more total participants) are significantly less likely than smaller sponsors to have implemented a hard freeze, with only 9 percent of plans under a hard freeze among larger sponsors compared with 25 percent of plans under a hard freeze among smaller sponsors.
The number of hard freeze days was determined for each spring "cold" period, a period that began and ended with a hard freeze day.
Another surprise is the degree to which American cotton growers can harness science to control their crops, for example, spraying them to turn the plants brown and crunchy without needing to wait for a short harvesting frenzy after nature provides its own hard freeze.
A hard freeze in 1898 drove Linton and some of these settlers away.
The last time this occurred was in 1963, which saw heavy ice floes in the Mersey and if this happens this winter, we could see a hard freeze of the river.