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HTFHard To Follow
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HTFHow the Freak (polite form)
HTFHeterogenic Thought Fiction (band)
References in classic literature ?
But sometimes the allegory is very confused and hard to follow.
In truth I blush that any one so weak and so unworthy as I should try to teach another that which he finds it so passing hard to follow himself.
Their language is more than half signs, and it was not hard to follow them.
Younger readers may not even fully realise what is happening and less confident readers will find the structure hard to follow.
The dialogue was minimal and what little there was I found extremely hard to follow.
Often, these children may try very hard to follow instructions, concentrate, and "be good" at home and in school.
The format swirls around and the reading is a bit hard to follow but it will certainly appeal to some children who like to be challenged with the unconventional.
I found this article very informative but hard to follow along.
Memory problems could include: difficulty remembering recent events, finding it hard to follow conversations, forgetting the name of friends, repeating yourself and feeling anxious.
Bonfires and fireworks may look nice, But mess with them and pay the price The consequences of silly games Your life will never be the same Set a firework off in a dangerous place And risk severe burns to your face It may be hard to follow rules, But those who don't are surely fools Got pounds 5000 to spare?
The researchers suggested that doctors and nutritionists could use the findings to tailor diets individually to patients with heart disease or diabetes, stressing that these were alternatives to low-fat diets that many people find hard to follow.