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HXRHard X-Ray
HXRHeat Exchanger Refrigerated
HXRHyperacute Xenogeneic Rejection
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Recent observation of hard X-ray spectra of an active region has given an upper limit to the amount of hot (T > 8 MK) component (38) and also constrains the property of the small-scale events.
If you want to study atoms, and the distances between atoms, that means hard X-rays.
Synchrotron techniques on hard X-ray beamlines include crystallography, scattering, spectroscopy and microanalysis.
Black, Hard x-ray microscope with submicrometer spatial resolution, J.
Just before the launch of Suzaku, a European group used INTEGRAL to discover that a fair fraction of magnetars emit a separate hard X-ray component, (46,47) in addition to the well known soft X-rays (item 6 in [section] 4.
In addition to three other Russian instruments and a Ukrainian particle detector, Koronas-Foton includes a Polish full-solar-disk X-ray spectrophotometer and an Indian solar hard X-ray spectrometer.
Cutting-edge research will be conducted at this unique centre of innovation with at least seven approved beamlines covering far infrared to the hard X-ray regime of the electromagnetic spectrum.
In the current work, the researchers used the unprecedented x-ray intensity produced by the Linac Coherent Light Source x-ray laser to observe the concerted nonlinear Compton scattering of two identical hard x-ray photons from the light element beryllium to produce a single higher-energy photon.
It is seen that as the column density increases, the flux at lower energies becomes more suppressed by photoelectric absorption, while the hard X-ray flux is less affected.
Several members of the joint SLAC/Stanford Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC) are on the NuSTAR science team and are looking forward to their first view through the hard X-ray window.
Clayton, ANL: Over the next two years of budget uncertainty, Argonne's goal is to advance its programs in hard x-ray science, leadership computing, and energy storage.