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HARIMHighways Agency Roles in Incident Management
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Earlier this month, the judge ruled in favor of Allen Harim, but the residents plan to appeal in the near future.
We see a lot of cost benefits having a drybulk shipping operation with our livestock and animal feeds business," Kim Hong Kuk, chairman of Harim, said by e-mail.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an antigovernment monitoring group, said that two young girls had been killed in the strike on Harim and that six members of the Nusra Front had been killed in another strike in Aleppo province farther east.
The Wilayat of Khasab is an important destination for marine tourism due to its attractive tourist potentials and unique landmarks, such as Khor Sham, Harim mountain, Asi mountainous oasis, besides visiting Khasab Castle that narrates the history of the Governorate of Musandam, customs and traditions of its sons.
Two baths in Armanaz, Sermin, Jericho, Kafer Takhareem, Harim, five baths in Ma'arate al-Nu'man, three baths in Ma'ratmasrin, one bath in Salqeen, Jeser al-Shoghour and ten baths in Saliba sites.