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In the AC integration mode, the renewable energy sources were connected to the grid with no harmonic distortion using the AC integration technique in order to determine the performance of the simulation model.
Total voltage harmonic distortion is selected as 5 % because total voltage harmonic distortion limit for 31.5 kV is determined maximum 5 % in IEEE STD 519-1992 Harmonic Limits.
Low power quality issue has seriously affected the residential area and resulted in wasted electrical power energy, especially the non-linear characteristics of various offices equipments connected to the power grid which might cause harmonic distortion and electrical disturbances.
Thus it is used for reducing the harmonics by using the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) method by which we gain the two voltages of the system in a reduced form and the hardware reads the voltage, frequency of the system.
Another way to quantify the harmonics would be to use the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) [2].
The third harmonic distortion is unacceptable, as the value of 8.2% at the gain of 1.5 is considerably high.
By applying fast Fourier transformation, it was found that the total harmonic distortion at load is 2.08%, while the amplitude of the voltage at the fundamental frequency is 313.2 V and the amplitude of the current at the fundamental frequency is 11.84 A.
Studies are usually conducted to evaluate the impact of PVDG on harmonic distortion, power loss, voltage profile, short circuit current, and power system reliability before placing it in a distribution system.
* A total harmonic distortion (THD) of <2.5% without filters.
The object-oriented class library also features routines for calculating typical signal metrics, including input below full scale (IBF), total harmonic distortion (THD), signal to noise ratio (SNR) and many more.
The voltage and current total harmonic distortion and the torque ripple rate are the main targets.
The 2nd generation hybrid topology from Alstom Grid combines the advantage of a full-bridge converter and a half-bridge multi-level converter, resulting in low losses, low harmonic distortion and improved fault tolerance.'