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HARNSHigh Aspect Ratio Nano Structures
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"I would that he had a fighting chance," said John Harned, facing the ring to see the second bull come in.
"I beg pardon," said John Harned; "but it would seem to me a wise bull.
And John Harned said, in a quiet voice, as though he talked to himself:
"I like such men less," said John Harned. "A toreador is not a brave man.
"Yes, it is the water," said John Harned. "Would it not be safer to hamstring the bull before he comes on?"
Maria Valenzuela was made angry by this sneer in John Harned's words.
"He has no chance," said John Harned. "He is fighting wind."
"It is his nature to be deceived," said John Harned. "Wherefore he is doomed to fight wind.
"The man steps, out of the way and the bull rushes by," Harned interrupted.
"But cows do not shut their eyes," said John Harned. "I know a cow at home that is a Jersey and gives milk, that would whip the whole gang of them."
"There would be some sport," said John Harned, "if a toreador were killed once in a while.
"True," said John Harned. "But believe me, it requires a thousand times more skill to avoid the many and quick punches of a prize-fighter who keeps his eyes open and strikes with intelligence.