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HSZCHartford Street Zen Center (San Francisco, CA)
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A friend and colleague of Whalen's, Issan Dorsey was the founding abbot of the Hartford Street Zen Center in San Francisco, where Whalen lived, taught, and practiced from 1988 to 1996.
Recognizing the work done by Downing in Shoes Outside the Door, Schneider does not set out here to rewrite the scandal of 1983-84 that tore the Zen Center asunder; rather, he addresses the scandal and its aftermath in passing as it pertains directly to Whalen, including his time in Santa Fe and back in California at the Hartford Street Zen Center.
No longer in this state of limbo, Whalen returned to his beloved West Coast the following year and moved into the Hartford Street Zen Center, where he resided and served first as head of training and then as abbot until he retired due to his poor health in 1996.
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