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HARTIHybrid Arrest of Translation Initiation
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48) The northeast territory, primarily composed of the Harti clan and the Somali Salvation Democratic Front ("SSDF"), was provisionally known as Puntland.
In fact, he had only managed to consolidate power in the autonomous region of Puntland by forceful opposition to Harti sub-clans in 2002 and was vocal about his rejection of Somaliland's claims to independence and sovereignty over its colonial borders.
Petaech yn dweud y byddai gan yr SNP 56 aelod seneddol ymhen blwyddyn byddwn yn chwerthin yn harti.
D'autres concurrents souhaitent egalement chiper la vedette et assurer leur place aux commandes a l'image du KACM, un leader qui arrive et qui veut regler son compte avec le Raja vainqueur lors du match [beaucoup moins que]aller[beaucoup plus grand que] au stade Harti (1-2).
We are thankful to Pakistan for their statement but we don't want to go to Pakistan," said Musadiq Rafeeq, a second year BBA student of Meerut's Swami Vivekanand Sub- harti University.
18h00: Olympique de Marrakech (amateur)-Olympique de Khouribga (1e division) -Stade El Harti - Marrakech.
Cefais y pleser o eistedd wrth ochr ein darpar-Archdderwydd a gallaf eich sicrhau ei fod wedi bwyta'n harti ac y bydd yn llawn egni ar gyfer ei gyfarfod ``ordeinio'' yn y Trallwm ar y 29ain o'r mis hwn.
We needed a smarter, more dynamic revenue management approach that streamlines and automates our processes to better keep up with our customers' increased demand and changing buying behaviors," said Maria Harti, general manager, iDTGV.
A cette occasion, El Harti a indique que les productions cinematographiques presentees lors de ce cycle evoquent des questions liees aux droits civils et politiques, mais aussi des sujets portant sur les libertes individuelles, l'egalite, les droits culturels et l'immigration.
In Marrakech, 600 people gathered in Bab Doukkala Square, shortly before the start of the march, before the number reaches 900 individuals, who went to the El Harti Square, while in Oujda the number of people who took to the eastern city's main street reached 1,300 people.
Icius harti (Peckham in NSE; L&F; sni transf to Tutelina