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HTUHydrothermal Upgrading (energy development)
HTUHandheld Terminal Unit
HTUHundreds, Tens and Units (mathematics)
HTUHate You
HTUHelicopter Training Unit (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1950 to 1957)
HTUHydrodynamic Test Unit
HTUHow to Universe
HTUHispanic Theological Union
HTUHDSL Terminal/Transmission Unit
HTUHandheld Thermal Unit
HTUHourly Thermal Unit
HTUHuston-Tilostson University (Austin, TX)
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Love those that hate you, but to love those one hates is impossible.
I hate you," she said, and then, as I was about to beg for a fair hearing she pointed over my shoulder.
I hate you," was her only reply; but I imagined that there was less vehemence in it than before--yet it might have been but my imagination.
I am not your mate, and again I tell you that I hate you, and that I should be glad if I never saw you again.
I have been taught since birth to hate you all, but why I should hate was never told me.