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HATTAHellenic Association of Tourism and Travel Agents
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They placed themselves close to where Hatta, the other messenger, was standing watching the fight, with a cup of tea in one hand and a piece of bread-and-butter in the other.
But Hatta only munched away, and drank some more tea.
Haigha and Hatta set to work at once, carrying rough trays of white and brown bread.
Home to the leafy Hatta Hill Park, the serene Hatta Fort Hotel and the beauty of the Green Lake, the town provides the perfect day break and offers some good photo opportunities.
drove his pickup truck loaded with curtains to the Hatta checkpoint where he offered Dh50 in bribe to the customs inspector to allow him into Dubai without paying the required customary fees in May.
By completing this phase, the number of lanes has risen from two to four in each direction of the Jebel Ali - Lehbab Road from Hatta R/A to the Sheikh Zayed Road passing across the Dubai - Al Ain Road and the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road to terminate at the intersection with the Sheikh Zayed Road in about a 50 km-long stretch constructed at world-class standards.
Citing to the spending figure as of the first quarter this year, Hatta claimed that significant progress was seen in the implementation of the program officially called Master Plan of Indonesia Economic Development Acceleration and Expansion (MP3EI) kicked off in 2011.
The project also aims to develop a commercial complex for entertainment featuring a range of professions and traditional activities with a modern approach to reflect the spirit of the past and present, as well as creating a heritage landmark and prominent tourist attraction in Hatta.
The objective of the Hatta project is to raise the efficiency of water distribution networks in the area, and strengthen water supply to meet increasing demand.
While in Abuja, Hatta stated: "Both Indonesia and Nigeria agreed to boost economic ties, including co-operation in the energy sector".
A date has not yet been set for the upgrading of Hatta Fort Hotel.
Selected customers gathered at the Porsche showroom to drive in a convoy along the scenic Al Ain/Hatta road route towards the Hatta Fort Hotel.