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HPTMHauptmann (German: Captain)
HPTMHorizontal Pull Test Machine
HPTMHigh Power Transmission Mode
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Kay added that Hauptmann was looking forward to "closing this chapter of his life.
Shannon Deitrich, the woman Hauptmann married in 2015, testified against him.
However the progression of the seasons is carefully noted, even though the months are not named, and four events to which a date would seem intrinsic articulate the developing plot, though the dates themselves are not given: the birthdays of Charlotte, Ottilie, and Eduard, and the name-day of the Hauptmann.
In court documents, Hauptmann took cash advances on credit cards by siphoning funds from the credit union.
5 CRIME OF THE CENTURY (1996) A DRAMATISATION of the infamous Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping, Isabella received a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Anna Hauptmann, the wife of the man exececuted for the crime.
The vehicle was traced to Bruno Richard Hauptmann, 35, a German carpenter from the Bronx.
13, 1935, a jury in Flemington, New Jersey, found Bruno Richard Hauptmann guilty of first-degree murder in the kidnap-slaying of Charles A.
After all the opera characters--from Mozart's Pedrillo and Monostatos through Puccini's Goro and Pong to Berg's Hauptmann and Floyd's Curley and Little Bat--Corbeil wants to explore his own musical personality.
Cast includes Ulrich M-he as Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler, Sebastian Koch as Georg Dreyman and Martina Gedeck as Christa-Maria Sieland, amongst others.
Eicher, Theophil and Siegfried Hauptmann, Andreas Speicher.
6 And in the same year Bruno Richard Hauptmann was executed for kidnapping and killing who?
In September, 1934, Bruno Hauptmann, a German-born carpenter, was arrested after $14,000 of the ransom money was found in his home.