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HZAHauptzollamt (German: Central Customs Office)
HZAHilfe Zur Arbeit (German: Right to Work)
HZAHornby Zeller Associates (est. 1988; various locations)
HZAHeistse Zwemclub Arduas (Belgian swim club)
HZAHigh-Zenith Antenna
HZAHungarian Zeolite Association (est. 1992)
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Hauptzollamt Koblenz (56) the European Court of Justice determined that a 'collection' be defined as "rare, not used for its original function, [was] the subject of special transactions outside normal trade and [is] of high value.
v Hauptzollamt Mainz, en el que aquel tribunal al intentar incluir en el ordenamiento comunitario el precepto de <<cambio fundamental de circunstancia de un tratado>>, concluye-- sin demostrar la existencia de una norma consuetudinaria con dicho contenido, en el marco legal comunitarioque: <<Racke invoca reglas fundamentales del derecho internacional consuetudinario en contra de la regulacion en cuestion (.
Joined cases 117/76 and 16/77 Ruckdeschel v Hauptzollamt Hamburg-St.
Hauptzollamt Munchen-Mitte, (27) a preliminary reference involving a request for an exemption from customs duties, the national authorities and the Commission had decided against the applicant.
Racke GmbH & Co v Hauptzollamt Mainz, Case C-162/96.
The Hauptzollamt (Main Customs Office) at Frankfurt International use German Shepherd Dogs, Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Foxterriers and also mongrels.
17, 70374 Stuttgart (WE 138157), Hauptzollamt, Hackstr.
An example of an "asymmetric" agreement was held to be the EEC-Portugal Free Trade Agreement, given direct effect in Hauptzollamt, Case 104/81.
196, Building 3, 4, 7,16, 22 06110 Halle approx 5896 m2 Area Lot 2 - Maintenance cleaning services Hauptzollamt Hall, Merseburgerstr.
Hauptzollamt Lubeck-Ost that "[d]ivergences between courts in the Member States as to the validity of Community acts would be liable to place in jeopardy the very unity of the Community legal order and detract from the fundamental requirement of legal certainty.