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HAWAIIHandoff-Aware Wireless Access Internet Infrastructure (internet routing protocol)
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Another gallery, Hawaii Colors, shows impressionistic island scenes painted by Darrell Hill -- plantation cottages, beach landscapes, portraits.
CBRE Hawaii employs a staff of 111 people in four primary offices: Honolulu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii (Big Island).
Several ballet companies and schools also call Hawaii home.
In fact, Hawaii has more endangered species than any other U.
That's why USDA has teamed up with the State of Hawaii and FWS to control--and, if possible, eradicate--the tiny hoppers.
What did Hawaii get out of the deal, besides some outside investment (estimated at $20 million per year) and a chance to spot celebrities around town?
A landslide vote against same-sex marriage in Hawaii could spell the beginning of the end of wedding plans that gay men and lesbians have been making for the past five years.
The firm predicted that growing trees in Hawaii could conceivably offer returns of 19 percent.
the company driving convergence between television and the internet, announced today that Hawaii IPTV, LLC has signed a broadcast agreement with KHNL-NBC in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Arts in Hawaii reflect the dramatic convergence of influences experienced over the last 223 years by this tiny chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
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