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'You'll have plenty of it, in your time,' returned Sir Mulberry Hawk; 'Nickleby will tell you that.'
The gallant colonel glanced at Messrs Pyke and Pluck as if he thought they ought to laugh at his joke; but those gentlemen, being only engaged to laugh for Sir Mulberry Hawk, were, to his signal discomfiture, as grave as a pair of undertakers.
'How goes the enemy, Snobb?' asked Sir Mulberry Hawk.
'Capital!' said Sir Mulberry Hawk, putting the stakes in his pocket.
Lounging on an ottoman close beside her, was Sir Mulberry Hawk, evidently the worse--if a man be a ruffian at heart, he is never the better--for wine.
Ralph DID shrink, as the indignant girl fixed her kindling eye upon him; but he did not comply with her injunction, nevertheless: for he led her to a distant seat, and returning, and approaching Sir Mulberry Hawk, who had by this time risen, motioned towards the door.
The eyes of the two worthies met, with an expression as if each rascal felt that there was no disguising himself from the other; and Sir Mulberry Hawk shrugged his shoulders and walked slowly out.
Wolves have now moved to the top spot in the tournament standings whereas Hawks are placed at the third position.
Anna Enlow pitched Meridian Hawks Varsity to victory.
James Hawk undergoes an evaluation for competency to practice medicine.
Initially play was fairly even in the early stages but Hawks pushed on and took the lead with a well worked goal that saw Jez Clarke drive home from the top of the D.