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HFRHigh Frame Rate (movies)
HFRHedge Fund Research, Inc.
HFRHealth, Flammability, Reactivity (hazardous waste)
HFRHalf Rate Mode
HFRHigh Frame Rate
HFRHybrid Fibre Radio
HFRHotfix Report
HFRHigh Flux Reactor
HFRHalogenated Flame Retardant (chemical product)
HFRHedge Fund Returns (mergers/arbitrages)
HFRHold for Release
HFRHuge Fast Router (Cisco)
HFRHistorical Fire Regime
HFRHigh Frequency Radio
HFRHotfix Rollup
HFRHardware Failure Rate
HFRHybrid Fiber Radio
HFRHigh Frequency Recombinant
HFRHigh Force Research
HFRHazard Fuel Reduction (safety program)
HFRHigh Focal Range (photography)
HFRHigh Frequency Resonance Technique
HFRHigh Fidelity Radar (US Air Force)
HFRHiding Field Variable Removal
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Communities with approved plans may also be given preference for future hazard fuel reduction grants.
Around $825,000 is funding assistance to forest owners, hazard fuel reduction, and other work.
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