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HD-DVDHigh Definition Digital Versatile Disc
HD-DVDHigh Density Digital Versatile Disc
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Blu-Ray, which uses high-frequency blue-violet laser technology, has the advantage over HD-DVD's red laser technology, in terms of increased capacity.
With Blu-ray so far ahead, it's understandable that Toshiba has walked away, especially after Warner Bros announced during last month's Consumer Electronics Show that it would not longer sell movies for the HD-DVD format.
-- High definition (1920x1080), powerful 2D and 3D graphics accelerator with dedicated high definition sub-picture decoder and font rendering engines, supporting all HD-DVD and Blu-Ray graphics modes as well as popular graphics standards such as X Windows System and OpenGL.
The machine will be able to play both Blu-ray discs and HD-DVDs.
In either case, consumers don't have to worry about obsolescence when it comes to their old DVD collections, since both Blu-ray and HD-DVD players are compatible with current disc formats.
announced that it plans to begin shipping Fuji-branded Blu-Ray and HD-DVD media by midyear.
said it will begin selling two HD-DVD players for about $800 and $500, respectively, in North America in March.
The companies have said that the competition between the two formats affects their market and that Alpha Sweden has said that the company is in favour of HD-dvd, which is better for companies which make DVDs.
At first glance the Blu-Ray Disc (BD) and HD-DVD competition for market share is reminiscent of the recent DVD-R/-RW vs.
On one side, Toshiba and NEC developed a write-once HD-DVD medium, which is 0.6mm thick and manufactured on the same machinery as today's DVDs.
In the red corner HD-DVD created by Toshiba and supported by Microsoft and anyone else who perceives Sony as a commercial threat.
While Toshiba's machine may be competitively priced, the HD-DVD discs to go with it cost around EUR34 and titles include Super-Man Returns, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, King Kong and Batman Begins.