HDDEHeavy Duty Diesel Engine
HDDEHonorable Discharge, Dependency Arising Since Enlistment
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Due to the auxochromous groups (hydroxyl group and methyl group) attached to the aromatic group, the absorption bands of HDDE exhibit a red shift compared to those of benzene (The absorption peaks of E2 and B bands of benzene are 203.
To achieve a better insight into the hydrophobic monomer of HDDE incorporated into the polymers, fluorescence spectrum was carried out.
The proton peaks of the HDDE structure unit are clearly demonstrated in the PAMAHS spectrum, which indicates that the HDDE monomer is incorporated into the PAMAHS polymer.
These thermal behaviors are accorded with expectation and indicate that the global thermal stability of PAMAHS is enhanced by the incorporation of HDDE as well.
value decreases gradually along with the increase of HDDE content.
5 and PAAHO owing to the incorporation of more HDDE.
HDDE as capsaicin derivative possesses the characteristics as above and exhibits remarkable antibacterial activity.
Moreover, antibacterial performance is enhanced along with the increase of HDDE monomer content in the copolymer.
Owing to the capsaicin-like HDDE incorporation of PAMAHS backbones, it increases the copolymer chain rigidity which interferes with the molecular motion and improves the thermal stability of PAMAHS.
ABBREVIATIONS AIBN 2, 2'-azobis (2-methylpropionitrile) AM acrylamide AMPS 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane-sulfonic acid EOR enhanced oil recovery HAPAMs hydrophobically association polyacrylamides HDDE N, N'-((2-hydroxy-4, 5-dimethylbenzene-l, 3-diyl) dimethanediyl) bisprop-2-enamide IZR inhibition zone rate N-MA N-methylol acrylamide PAMAHS P (AM-MAA-AMPS-HDDE-SA) PAMAS P (AM-MAA-AMPS-SA) SA stearyl acrylate SDS sodium dodecyl sulfate