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HDEHumanitarian Device Exemption
HDEHybrid Diesel-Electric
HDEHauptverband des Deutschen Einzelhandels (Central Association of German Retail Trade)
HDEHigh Definition Encoder (various companies)
HDEHelp Desk Essentials (certification)
HDEHybrid Detection Engine
HDEHigh Definition Encoder
HDEHorizon Digital Enterprise, Inc. (Japan)
HDEHeavy-Duty Engine
HDEHigher Diploma in Education (UK)
HDEHeroldo de Esperanto (Esperanto: Esperanto Herald; magazine; est. 1920)
HDEHome Decor Exchange
HDEHoldrege, Nebraska (airport code)
HDEHéroes de la Educación (Spanish: Heroes of Education; Guatemala)
HDEHottest Deals Ever (Allentown, PA)
HDEHypertext Document Engineering
HDEHeater Drive Electronics
HDEHome Docking Environment
HDEHistorical Data Entry
HDEHighly Distributed Environment
HDEHacking Defined Experts (course)
HDENumber of Honeydew Elements
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gifuensis hyperbolically approached the asymptote as aphid numbers increased, estimated both by HDE (Fig.
Seeking further solace after a fifth straight defeat, the HDE commented: "We have seen the days when Huddersfield could win, like sportsmen, and it was even more pleasing to see that they could take their gruel, and it was a stiff dose, with a smiling face and unflagging spirit.
HDE is the first such integration of ultrasonic and mobile hardware, says Modustri, which notes that it cuts machine inspection times in half, with implications for vehicle maintenance across industries.
The concentration of progesterone hormone increased significantly in LDE and HDE groups compared to the control group (p < 0.
The Modustri HDE Suite was designed for inspectors, sales reps and fleet managers and puts the power to create value in their hands.
We expect sales momentum to continue between Christmas and New Year," HDE spokesman Stefan Hertel said.
21 -- HDE has launched DVM-80UVK Universal Voltmeter Kit.
Based in the West Midlands, HDE has since expanded to employ 25 engineering and production-based staff, specialising in the design and manufacture of process plant for all sectors of industry.
com)-- HDE Controller is a mail server management software which provides tools for performing mail server configuration/management, creating mailing lists, and protecting your computer from spam, virus, and phishing mails.
The HDE makes medical devices available to patients with rare medical conditions that affect fewer than 4,000 people a year.
Under the definitions used by the HDE, the German convenience sector includes kiosks, of which there were 8,500 in 2008, petrol stations (9,200) and "bakeries and small-size food stores" (5,100).
A newly developed HDE (High Definition Ernostar) lens with twice the pixel resolution.