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HWLLHe Who Laughs Last
HWLLHarper Woods Little League (Detroit, MI)
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WHAT's that old saying about he who laughs last? Well, as a life-long Pompey supporter I can't stop smiling these days as Harry 'Back where he belongs' Redknapp - armed with Sacha Gaydamak's millions - embarks on a spending spree that should guarantee the club's Premiership survival while poor old Southampton flounder in the Championship.
However, I remarked to Spencer, "he who laughs last, laughs longest" - his comment on the Limekilns now firmly logged in the remaining grey cells.
"What I am sure of is that he who laughs last, laughs longest."
He who laughs last as they say - and Moyes was laughing very loud indeed after the astonishing feat of leading Everton into the Champions League.
DON POLI has been on the wrong end of some scoffing 'bantz' - but he who laughs last, laughs longest.
His ex used the phrase "he who laughs last laughs longest" in a text and in a letter and a text said "well I have got a big surprise for you" shortly before he was arrested.
THEY say that he who laughs last laughs longest, and Ivory Coast are worth backing at 13-5 to earn a swift revenge for their Group A defeat by Egypt when the sides meet again in this afternoon's African Nations Cup final in Cairo.
But whatever joy - political or otherwise - whoever did this has gained so far I hope they enjoyed their moment because Gerry's laughing now he's on the moral high ground and he who laughs last laughs longest.
Remember that he who laughs last, laughs longest, Mr Cameron.
THEY say he who laughs last laughs longest, and while Real Madrid were happier than opponents Valencia with Sunday night's 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu, it may be Rafa Benitez's team who are smiling at the end of the Spanish league season.
IF it is true that he who laughs last laughs longest, then Alan Ball will have had an hilarious few days.
It is a true saying that he who laughs last laughs longest, and there can be little doubt that Portugal have improved tremendously in their subsequent matches following their timid performance in the competition curtainraiser.
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