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Lemma 3: The coverage probability of center FUEs in [S.sub.03] of [M.sub.0] is given in (21), where [r.sub.fue] is the distance vector from an FUE to its serving HeNB, [R.sub.HeNB] is the radius of the serving HeNB, r is the distance vector of the tagged HeNB (and not the FUE) to macrocell [M.sub.o] as stated in assumption 8.
One of the possible approaches to handle hyper densification of cells is to offload traffic into smaller cells served by low powered base stations like micro and pico eNodeBs (eNB), Home eNodeBs (HeNB), Relay Nodes (RN), and even Remote Radio Heads (RRH) (radio elements which have a wired connection to an existing macro eNB).
[28.] 3GPP, "3rd Generation Partnership Project; Technical Specification Group Radio Access Network; Evolved Universal Terrestrial radio Access (E-UTRA); FDD Home eNode B (HeNB) Radio Frequency (RF) requirements analysis (Release 9)", 3GPP TR 36.921, 9.0.0., March 2010.
[29] 3GPP TSG-RAN WG 4, R4-092042, Simulation assumptions and parameters for FDD HeNB RF requirements, 2009.
In this section, we describe fundamentals of a common division of the HeNB's resources among the CSG and non-CSG UEs.
4, [RSRP.sub.s_k], [RSRP.sub.T_j], [RSRP.sub.M_j], and [RSRP.sub.F_j] are the RSRP values from the serving macrocell k, the target cell j, the neighboring macrocell (MeNB) j, and the femtocell (HeNB) j, respectively, and [V.sub.th] is the velocity threshold of the MUEs, i.e., the speed (4) above which MUEs will not attempt a handover to a femtocell because the dwell time there would be too small given the size of the femtocell coverage [24].
(iii) Since some base stations such as HeNB and RNs can be easily owned by third parties, a robust mutual authentication between MDs and base stations is required in handover process to withstand several protocol attacks such as impersonation attacks, Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks, and replay attacks [12-15].
The proposed approach applies the subcarrier detection in HeNB neighbor network.
Basically, femtocell are based on Access Point Base Station and it is called as Home Node B (HNB) or in other term as Home eNode B (HeNB) [6].
The LS100 Series is one element of the Fujitsu solution that also includes the LS700 HeNB Gateway and LS800 HeMS Element Management System (EMS).
[11.] 3GPP; Technical specification Group Radio Access Network, "Evolved Universal Terrestrial radio Access (E-UTRA); FDD Home eNode B (HeNB) Radio Frequency (RF) requirements analysis (Release 9)", 3rd Generation Partnership Project, TR 36.921, Vol.
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