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HeNeHuman Endocervical Epithelial Cells (culture)
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Independent retail analyst Nick Bubb said: "The only real surprise is the news that the MD Lawrence Hene is not staying with the business and is moving back to Ocado and that the Ocado Retail business will now be run by the M&S strategy director."
Para a realizacao dessas pinturas o artista se apropriou do creme Hene (produto especifico para alisar cabelos de afrodescendetes) e o colocou no lugar tradicionalmente ocupado pelas tintas.
The Raman spectra of PANI-S measured with the 633 nm line of HeNe laser were obtained in acceptable quality without any damage to the sample.
"We are pleased and delighted to join with Brent Joseph, of the Hene family, and King David Dogs in a partnership that will enable us to offer the Signature King David all-beef, kosher-style, gourmet hot dogs - made with the highest quality and cooked perfectly in convenience stores and travel plazas across the country," said Allan Zukerman, chairman, CZ Growth Strategies.
A Melles Griot HeNe Laser, operating at [lambda] = 785 nm, was used as excitation source, with a laser power of approximately 15 mW.
(2005) observed, after irradiating with HeNe laser on snails neurons associated bupivacaine, potassium channel changes, increasing the effect of blocking or decreasing the anesthetic action, according to the use of high or low doses of irradiation.
Biostimulation can be used in wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties by red or near infrared light sources such as HeNe lasers or diode laser [19, 20].
The duration of each programme varies and further information can be found in the HENE (Health Education North East) apprentice prospectus.
Effect of low intensity heliumneon (HeNe) laser irradiation on experimental paracoccidioidomycotic wound healing dynamics.