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HGFHead Gasket Failure
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A suspected head gasket failure made matters even worse, leaving them to nurse their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo to the finish with a bad misfire in 13th place overall.
It might help you to have the car inspected by the AA - ask them if they have any data on the 1.8's repeated head gasket failure. But don't roll over!
If none are apparent, it may be an internal leak, such as a cylinder head gasket failure.
A low coolant level or possibly a cylinder head gasket failure could cause this.
If your car is using excessive amounts of water and there are no leaks, it could be a cylinder head gasket failure. Have the cooling system and the cap pressure tested first.
If there are none, it may be an internal leak such as a cylinder head gasket failure.
The biggest problem with the MG TF was head gasket failures, so do be careful.