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HHLHaverhill (Amtrak station code; Haverhill, MA)
HHLHandelshochschule Leipzig (Leipzig Graduate School of Management)
HHLHealthy Holistic Living
HHLHighway Hockey League
HHLHerefordshire Housing Ltd (UK)
HHLHobby Hockey League
HHLHead Hung Low (band)
HHLHavíøovská Hokejová Liga
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But moments after her daughter walked off, her head hung low, she burst into tears admitting to herself she did not think she was 'that emotional.'
Her head hung low. She was glassy-eyed--brow-beaten--and I felt an intense sorrow for her.
class="MsoNormalThe next day, with my head hung low, I dragged myself back to my usual kinyozi to fix my messed-up hairline.
If you ignore the practice component and just sight-in your mega rifle, run drop charts, and rely on high-tech mechanical doodads, sooner or later you are likely to slink into a lodge, head hung low, and confess you missed a chip shot!
"I had been unplayable during the 120 minutes but I left the field with my head hung low.
How could anybody do that to an 83-year-old?" Duncan McReddie, defending, said that Eeles, who had been a heroin addict since he was 15, was sitting in the dock with his head hung low because he was so ashamed.
Now, Beckham isn't leaving with his head hung low, carrying his personal effects in a box.
''I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm out of energy,'' he told the crowd, saying he was sorry and blowing a kiss before walking off the stage with his head hung low.
Either that, or they silently walk out of the kitchen, drag back on a cigarette or two and then with their head hung low, make the walk of shame back into their section and start up where they left off accompanied by the dark brooding looks from their workmates.
Elsewhere, an authoritative figure holds a gun to another man's head, his arms overhead with head hung low, begging for mercy.
And it turns out Dr Zinczenko, a Ukrainian-born American, is an expert on relationships - so I continue to read with my head hung low.