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HgMercury (chemical element)
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HgHoly Grail
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HgHorizontal Gaze (test)
HgHauptgefreiter (German military)
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What you get with Airoh helmet is not just a sturdy head gear but a very stylish one too.
Six elephants wearing red body covers, head gear and socks, some of them with Santa beards, danced and performed acrobatic stunts in front of the students.
10) catches the eye on ground that he should relish and equipped with head gear for the first time.
Head gear of note for every crown, Complete with ribbed hatbands.
The event, 'Mad Head Day' was staged to encourage students to wear whatever head gear or hairstyle they wanted.
The head gear, currently at prototype stage, is being developed at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire.
He said: "Maybe the medical advice at the end of the season will be the same and they'll need me to keep wearing the head gear - and I will.
That means cyclists can mostly pedal around the city without having to worry about some frazzled motorist suddenly appearing out of nowhere, and is proved by the fact that no-one wears any protective head gear as they cycle happily around the narrow streets.
The boys, who were not wearing protective head gear, were seen by police to mount the pavement on the bike and crash into the fence at 6pm.
Question: For what kind of head gear was Tommy Cooper famous?
The man, who was not wearing protective head gear, was taken to hospital after the incident outside the Royal Mint in Llantrisant.