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HDG SELHeading Select (aviation)
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In the experimental world where almost anything goes, TruTrak systems connect with a variety of EFIS systems (including Garmin) for heading select. When asked if the system will someday work with Garmin's G5 electronic directional gyro, TruTrak told us it's working on it.
I set my autopilot to cross-country-transit mode: altimeter hold, airspeed hold, and heading select. I watched as he joined from my left into parade and then a little closer, a little too close.
All I had was the attitude indicator, heading select indicator, velocity vector in my HUD, and an aircraft that felt like it wanted to come apart due to the excessive vibration.
For the "major unit" heading select a number of spaces you want between each number: For example, enter 1 to show every number between the "minimum" and "maximum", 2 to show every number, 5 to show every fifth number, and so on.
Now click on the Appearance tab and under the buttons and Windows heading select Windows Classic from the drop-down menu, then click on the apply button at the bottom-right of the dialogue box.