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HLNHeadline News (cable network)
HLNHet Laatste Nieuws
HLNHuey Lewis and the News (band)
HLNHorizon League Network (college sports network)
HLNHelena, MT, USA (Airport Code)
HLNHealthy Living Network (various locations)
HLNHighlands Loch Ness (UK; marketing consortium)
HLNHot Little Number
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The X Factor is once again headline news after what is being described as the most controversial exit in the history of the show.
Google" was placed in the Oxford English Dictionary in June, while "to google" was recently included in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, All Headline News reported.
8, her first night on the all, pushing MSNBC back ahead of Headline News.
The executive in charge of launching the new Headline News image, Mary Lynn Ryan, said in April that the redesign was based mainly on gut feelings and staff suggestions.
Two years later, it initiated its Headline News service.
The combination of Grate's made-for-cable persona and a recent spate of made-for-cable court dramas have given Headline News its highest-rated show ever and is helping CNN's smaller sibling move ahead of MSNBC into third place in the cable news wars behind CNN and the undisputed front-runner, Fox News.
In a memo last week, a midlevel CNN Headline News producer referred staffers to a slang dictionary, urging them to lace graphic text with phrases such as "bling-bling," "flava," "fly" and "jimmy hat.
When CNN Headline News relaunched five months ago, its mission statement was to attract Generations X, Y and Z.