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This expanding design could allow phone manufacturers to build slimmer devices without removing the headphone jack from their product.
5mm required for the headphone jack has become the obstacle that stops the case becoming slimmer.
com pointed out that so far case leaks, design drawings and physical mockups of Apple's forthcoming devices have all suggested the headphone jack on the iPad Mini will by found along the top edge, as it is on the full-size iPad.
5mm headphone jack is forcing users to start attaching dongle adapters to their Android smartphones so they can still keep using their old headphones.
Mashable reports that there is a USB-C earphones bundled in the box but there is no USB-C to headphone jack dongle.
The lack of a headphone jack also helps manufacturers with their waterproofing efforts.
As expected, Apple announced the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack.
The petition is titled " Apple is ditching the standard headphone jack to screw consumers and the planet ", and it calls for signatories to demand that Apple "keep the standard headphone jack in your iPhones
5mm headphone jack continue as tech informant (https://weibo.
The video, which has now been viewed more than 9 million times, goes on to show how users can drill a hole into the chassis of their new iPhone 7 devices at a specific place to create a perfectly usable headphone jack.