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HCISHealth Care Information System (British Library)
HCISHealth Care Interpreter Service (Australia)
HCISHarbor City International School (Duluth, MN)
HCISHwa Chong International School (Singapore)
HCISHawaii Chinese Immersion School (Kahala, Hawaii)
HCISHomenet Computers Internet Services (Australia)
HCISHewden Customer Information System (UK)
HCISHydrogen Carbonate Indicator Solution
HCISHispano Canadian Intercultural School
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The last contract for a national health care information system was signed during the term of the previous cabinet of the Three Way Coalition with the consortium "BULL and Partners" for over BGN 4 M.
Discharge instructions from EBSCO's Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) will now be available on MEDITECH Health Care Information System (HCIS) later in 2010, with individual departments getting PERC access.
In addition, the product's support of the HL7 messaging interface, the standard for electronic health information exchange, allows the repository to be automatically updated with changes to patient data on the hospitals' Health Care Information System / Radiology Information System (HCIS/RIS).
In an age where hotels can track our preference for pillows, health care information system is an oxymoron.
The near-term initiative--the Federal Health Information Exchange--was completed in July 2002 and enabled the one-way transfer of data from DOD's existing health care information system to a separate database that VA hospitals could access.
Furthermore, a hospital information system is a kind of health care information system.
formed by two Microsoft veterans, created Millbrook Paradigm, a health care information system dealing with the practice management needs of physician offices and providing links to other organizations.
Contract awarded for Oral health care information system
The Army's automated health care information system does not contain comprehensive physical and dental information on early-deploying reservists.
Contract notice: Oral health care information system
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