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HMOHealth Maintenance Organization
HMOHouse in Multiple Occupation (UK)
HMOHealth Management Organization
HMOHome Media Option (TiVo)
HMOHadassah Medical Organization (Israel)
HMOHermanus Magnetic Observatory
HMOHear Me Out (chat)
HMOHealthcare Maintenance Organization
HMOHermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - General Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia (Airport Code)
HMOHealing Music Organization
HMOHand Money Over
HMOHibbert Moneymaking Organization (The Simpsons cartoon)
HMOHazardous Materials Operation(s)
HMOHabitat Module Outfitting
HMOHeavy Machine Operator
HMOHydro Mechanical Obliteration (Colson's weed removal by high-pressure water jet)
HMOHigh Mobility Operations
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Such is the cynicism and mistrust of health maintenance organizations and the managed-care industry.
The county must get in step with the times by enrolling people who are eligible for Medi-Cal - mostly welfare recipients and working people with very low incomes - in health maintenance organizations affiliated with the county's Community Health Program.
Selevan added that a similar program would begin in the Coachella Valley, where there were too few patients for the health maintenance organization to build a facility, but enough to warrant creating a network of affiliated health-care providers.
which runs California's HealthNet health maintenance organization and serves 2 million people in eight states, or WellPoint Health Networks Inc.
Physicians Health Services, a health maintenance organization based in Trumbull, Conn.
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