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HPNHospitality Performance Network (Scottsdale, AZ)
HPNHome Phoneline Networking
HPNHealth Plan of Nevada (insurance)
HPNHome Parenteral Nutrition
HPNHealth Provider Network
HPNHigh Performance Network
HPNHomeless People's Network
HPNHome Phone Network
HPNHigh-Pass Network
HPNWestchester County, NY, USA - Westchester County Airport (Airport Code)
HPNHigh Pressure Nitrogen
HPNHill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
HPNHydrogen Power Network
HPNHigh Purity Nitride
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There are currently two insurance carriers planning to offer insurance options on the Exchange, Health Plan of Nevada and SilverSummit.
com)-- EPIX Solutions is pleased to announce the completion of the interface between the EPIX Xchange and Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) & Sierra Health and Life's (SHL) group health insurance enrollment system for employers in Nevada.
The state's health exchange has been plagued by problems that prompted Health Plan of Nevada to threaten that it could quit.
The jury handed down a $500 million punitive damages award less than a week after they ordered Health Plan of Nevada and Sierra Health Services to pay $24 million in compensatory damages.
HMO New Anthem BCBS Partnership Plan Inc 64855 A US: Ohio + Health Plan of Nevada Inc 68619 A- US: Nevada HealthLink HMO Inc 60152 NR-3 US: Missouri New MVP Health Plan of New Hampshire Inc 64829 B+ US: New Hampshire New UNICARE Health Plan of Kansas Inc 64878 A- US: Kansas New UNICARE Health Plan of West Virginia 64776 A- US: West Virginia U.
In the early '80s, he wanted to get employers to accept the concepts of health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations, so he founded an HMO, Health Plan of Nevada.
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