HealthPACHealth Processing, Agreements, and Compliance (Ministry of Health, New Zealand)
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Bristol's management has been in association with Healthpac for last 15 years.
HealthPac offers an automated Medical Billing Company Software for medical and health industries to help eliminate healthcare revenue leakage.
HealthPac's medical billing software not only is automated, but also adapts to the needs of the healthcare centers.
HealthPac offers a medical billing software that is automated, adaptable and customized to healthcare centers' medical billing needs to help eliminate healthcare revenue leakage.
The rollout of HEALTHpac was planned for one year after purchase, allowing us to prepare operational processes and train our staff.
Since rolling out HEALTHpac in April 1997, our client participation increased by 50 percent, which normally would have translated into an expansion of staff members.
To address our limited resources and provide Adventist employees with access to the network from any location in the country, Eldorado Computing proposed in November 2001 that Adventist evaluate the application service provider (ASP) version of HEALTHpac. We reviewed the new platform in detail, and after eight months we decided to move forward with it.
Whenever our staff has technical questions about HEALTHpac, they communicate with the appropriate management member, who then contacts the vendor directly.
Software: HEALTHpac 3, a comprehensive health benefits management system providing benefit and claims management processes; CASEpac, an automated case and utilization management system; ADMINpac, a fund account management system for organizations engaged in administering fully insured group and individual health plan or self-funded group and trust plans.