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HRRHenley Royal Regatta (England)
HRRHeat Release Rate
HRRHeart Rate Reserve
HRRHigh Range Resolution
HRRHomologous Recombination Repair (DNA)
HRRHeart Rate Recovery
HRRHospital Referral Region (various states)
HRRHuman Rights Report (Association of On-line Press Editors)
HRRHome Residency Requirement (US INS)
HRRHealth-Related Research
HRRHuman Resource Representative
HRRHousehold Response Rate (health surveys)
HRRHigh-Resolution Radar
HRRHigh Resolution Radar
HRRHierarchical Round Robin
HRRHardy-Rand-Rittler (color plates used in ophthalmology)
HRRHumanitarian Response Review
HRRHead Rice Recovery
HRRHockey Related Revenues
HRRHuman Research Roadmap (US NASA)
HRRHarmonic Rejection Ratio
HRRHöchstrichterliche Rechtsprechung (German: Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court)
HRRHigh Resolution Resistivity (geophysical exploration and characterization method)
HRRHigh Ridge Resources (exploration; various locations)
HRRHigh Ramp Rate
HRRHigh Risk Records
HRRHuman Race's Run (band)
HRRHealth Readiness Record (US DoD)
HRRHorizontal Refresh Rate
HRRHelicopter Rapid Refueling Procedures
HRRHealth Risk Review
HRRHeilig Rooms Rijk (Dutch: Holy Roman Empire)
HRRHigh Risk Requirement
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350) was found between the type of drink ingested and heart rate recovery at each at each of the three HIMS testing points (Fig.
Effects of age and training status on heart rate recovery after peak exercise.
A delayed heart rate recovery may be a reflection of autonomic imbalance resulting from a reduction in vagal tone or an exaggerated sympathetic activation (38), (39).
Abnormal heart rate recovery immediately after treadmill testing: correlation with clinical, exercise testing, and myocardial perfusion parameters.
A variety of markers has been proposed to reflect autonomic activity such as heart rate variability, heart rate recovery after exercise, baroreflex sensitivity and ventricular repolarization dynamics.
Thirdly, the combination of static activity such as holding grocery bags with dynamic exercise of walking is not easily quantified by heart rate increase or heart rate recovery cost.
But the good news was that my heart rate recovery was rapid and I still had ages to get used to the thinner air.