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The new feline heartworm claim is the latest addition to a list that currently includes: the VetScan Canine Heartworm Test, VetScan Canine Parvovirus Rapid Test and the VetScan Giardia Rapid Test.
"Adding the feline claim to the already well accepted VetScan Canine Heartworm Test allows the veterinarian the flexibility to use the same product they already purchase and trust for both their canine and feline patients."
Jones, noting that some dogs carry antibodies to the antigen used in the heartworm test: Though these dogs may indeed be infected, their results will come back as clear.
The heartworm tests used in most veterinary practices detect hormones produced by adult female heartworms.
In another month, he'd be due for two bits of routine veterinary business, so I combined a trip for the blood draw for the DNA test with a heartworm test and a rabies vaccine.
(This is why it's not possible to have a heartworm test performed monthly and give the preventative only if an infection is found.) Blood tests will not detect heartworms in a dog until the larvae have matured into adult worms, which takes about six months following initial infection.
Next month, we'll discuss treatment--what you can do if your dog's heartworm test comes back positive.
The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) collected the results from 4,796,403 canine heartworm tests ordered by US veterinarians in 2011 and performed by several commercial testing laboratories using similar methodologies to detect circulating D.
The society relies heavily on fundraisers to provide the dogs with booster shots, rabies shots, heartworm tests, identification tags, spaying or neutering, grooming and foster care until the dog is placed with a family.
In 1980 we could perform fecal exams, red and white blood counts, heartworm tests and simple urine analysis.
Because it takes larvae about six months to mature into adult heartworms that can be detected by heartworm tests, the best time for testing is in the spring, six months after the start of cold weather (for those in warmer areas, testing can be done at any time).
Virbac will reimburse veterinarians for heartworm tests performed on 75-plus-pound dogs who were given the defective product.