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Ultrasint PA6 X043 Black offers high strength, good recyclability and a high heat distortion temperature, at a competitive cost.
Case 2 material has not only high impact strength, but also other acceptable mechanical properties such as strength, modulus and heat distortion temperature.
The nucleated PE also increases the heat distortion temperature (HDT) by 10 to 30 C compared to non-nucleated PE.
The heat distortion temperature (HDT) of GPPS falls tantalising close to the significant 100[degrees]C mark but manufacturers soon worked out that increasing the molecular weight (chain length) and reducing polymerisation residues could squeeze a few more degrees, critical for hot-fill, food packaging applications.
The deflection temperature is also known as the heat distortion temperature (HDT).
Extensive usage of particulate fillers in many commercial polymers is for the enhancement in stiffness, strength, dimensional stability, toughness, heat distortion temperature, damping, impermeability, and cost reduction, although not all of these desirable features are found in any single filled polymer.
The Victrex ST ST45GL30 grade features a heat distortion temperature of 380AC and therefore opens up new application opportunities for customers who work at temperatures over 300AC.
The heat distortion Temperature ofthe composite repair is >400[degrees] E (>204[degrees] C.
Blendex 586 poly(alphamethylstyrene-SAN) modifier increases heat distortion temperature of rigid PVC.
A series of tests is available, including tension, shear, compression, flex/bend, puncture/burst, tear, peel, melt flow, Charpy and Izod impact, heat distortion temperature, Vicat penetration and torsion.
Nucleating agents help increase the crystallization rate in polypropylene applications, which leads to increased stiffness, dimensional stability, hardness and heat distortion temperature.
Meanwhile, the heat distortion temperature significantly increases by about 100[degrees]C for nylon 6/montmorillonite nanocomposites, but it is only slightly improved for nylon 6/saponite nanocomposites.