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The TRAVEL MUG is generously-sized and heat insulated to keep your tea, coffee or other drinks hot for as long as possible.
lot 1: Electricity (high and low current), - lot 2: Heating ventilation air conditioning, - lot 3: Vrd co-work, - lot 4: Floor covering (soft and hard), - lot 5: Fire detection, - lot 6: Plumbing, - lot 7: Cover, - lot 8: Exterior joinery pvc, - lot 9: Interior carpentry and fitting, - lot 10: Aluminum exterior joinery and locksmithing, - lot 11: Medical gases, - lot 12: Asbestos removal, - lot 13: Heat insulated, - lot 14: Painting, - lot 15: Plastering, - lot 16: Sealing.
8 700 m 2 prefabricated wooden deck elements from 240 mm wooden frame construction, F30-b, Filling of mineral wool thermal insulation wlg 035, Osb / 3 planking and hydrophobic mdf boards, Including technical clarification, Assembly planning and static verification; - 2 550 m 2 window elements plastic windows, High heat insulated with 82 mm depth, Triple glazed, Color coated on the outside, Uw (
The light shall be equipped with a standard twist-lock receptacle for 3-prong photoelectric control unit, shall be adjustable for north orientation, shall be heat insulated from the aluminum housing with a silicone rubber spacer.
Roof edges or Attikabdeckungen of aluminum sheet, including Unterkosntruktionen, about 335 m,- Rainscreen smooth metal facade, heat insulated, approximately 1 450 m?
Roof edges or Attikabdeckungen of aluminum sheet, including Unterkosntruktionen, about 335 m,- Rainscreen smooth metal facade, heat insulated, approximately 1 450 mA,- External sun blinds, venetian blinds slat aluminum, about 2 150 mA,- GanzglasgeEnnderanlagen similar e-TRAV Kat B, about 40 yds.