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HPWHHeat Pump Water Heater
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According to GB/T 23137-2008, the nominal working conditions of heat pump water heater were chosen as the test conditions, which was set to an ambient temperature of 20[degrees]C, an ambient relative humidity of 59%, and the water temperature rising from 15[degrees]C to 55[degrees]C.
Measured Values for [[eta].sub.r] and UA for a 189 L (50 gal) Heat Pump Water Heater under Different Simulated-Use Draw Patterns Draw Pattern Size Test [[eta].sub.r] UA, W/K (Btu/h*[degrees]F) 1 2.58 0.939 (1.78) Low 2 2.60 0.918 (1.74) 3 2.60 0.918 (1.74) Medium 1 2.62 0.913 (1.73) 2 2.64 0.923 (1.75) 1 2.87 0.849 (1.61) High 2 2.84 0.849 (1.61) 3 1.26 0.950 (1.8) Table 6.
"RCC Pilot Project Report: Multifamily Heat Pump Water Heaters in Below Grade Parking Garages in the Pacific Northwest." Ecotope.
However, many more efficient options, including integrated heat pump water heaters (HPWHs), are available.
Other technologies under development include an advanced, low-cost geothermal heat pump, a lower-cost version of the heat pump water heater invented by ORNL researchers and industry, and low-cost sensors for adaptive controlled ventilation that could be tied into an energy management control system that turns off lights, air handlers, and other unneeded energy-consuming equipment in buildings.
The heat pump water heater, from EnviroMaster International of Rome, N.Y., uses a refrigeration compressor to generate heat.
The EF of a heat pump water heater that has a storage tank but no outdoor unit is usually above 2.0 (Glanville and Kosar 2010).
Some of the specifications of the baseline heat pump water heater system can be seen in Table 1.
From early January to early April, a heat pump water heater was also connected to the heat pump circuit, which contributed approximately 30 kWh per month, or 10% of this circuit's energy load.
(2000) started the development of a C[O.sub.2] heat pump water heater for residential use in 1999.
In recent years, heat pump water heater (HPWH) systems have received considerable attention as an energy-saving technology, though they have yet to capture a significant share of the United States' water heater market.