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x] Leadership and Performance and Heat Rate Leadership and Performance.
1985 forward: Calculated annually by EIA by using the heat rate data reported on Form EIA-860, "Annual Electric Generator Report," and predecessor forms.
Additionally, the approved rate integrates "all indices used by SBPL in the calculation of monthly payment and the details of the calculation of the fuel cost, including the relevant heat rate and actual consumption.
The maximum heat rate is 64bmp with a minimum allowed is 70kg and also 12km minimum speed average required.
In order to remain competitive while still containing costs and meeting emission limits, generation facilities must lower their heat rate (which reflects an improved thermal operating efficiency), lower the amount of pollutants like nitrogen oxides, and reduce maintenance costs.
In addition to saving about $15,000 in annual maintenance costs on each unit, Georgia Power reports that the Posimetric feeders supply a more uniform feed rate that translates into an improved heat rate and better emissions control for the utility's boilers.