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Under 2015 power policy, specific efficiency standards had already been determined while it appeared the company had the leverage to determine its heat rate according to its own will.
* 1985 forward: Calculated annually by EIA by using the heat rate data reported on Form EIA-860, "Annual Electric Generator Report," and predecessor forms.
In line with the theoretical model, we pay careful attention to describing heterogeneity in power plant heat rates and how a particular plant's dispatch decision relates to their heat rate before and after natural gas price changes.
The base case excludes any cash flow from Washington 1 and 4, and assumes availability based on average performance from 2014-2016 and a heat rate adjustment factor that reflects realized heat rates in 2016.
Adjustment in heat rates will be made based on results of the performance test.
Additionally, the approved rate integrates "all indices used by SBPL in the calculation of monthly payment and the details of the calculation of the fuel cost, including the relevant heat rate and actual consumption."
The power and heat rate Impact is significant from the performance point of view.
The maximum heat rate is 64bmp with a minimum allowed is 70kg and also 12km minimum speed average required.
With the company's Hunts-town plant in Dublin achieving above forecast availability and heat rate, and an increased cust-omer base on both sides of the border, turnover rose from pounds 97m to pounds 127.9m.
Repeatable and accurate positioning of Superheat and Reheat Pass dampers improves thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers, helping to lower the heat rate as much as 8%, reduce NOx emissions up to 85%, and eliminate ash cleanup.
While discussing the heat rate issue as notified by NEPRA, the Committee recommended that this must be taken up as an exclusive agenda in the next meeting.